An introduction to BRAN Investments

BRAN Investments is a family founded company formed by Beena, Ram, Ashish and Nisha Goyal whose own multiple business successes inspired them to want to help other start-up companies of like-minded people, to achieve the same success.

With 40 years of combined experience in business and property, the family, operating as BRAN Investments, offer direct funding and provide access to capital along with their own expertise and a large network of knowledgeable commercial contacts to help new and promising ventures achieve more.

Why do they do it?

Founded in early 2017 and with their vast experience in building businesses and a property portfolio, the Goyal Family saw banks become reluctant lenders.  Hearing of numerous great ideas and well-run businesses who were unable to win the financial backing they needed to grow, they realised BRAN Investments could help. Once they had identified the problem, they joined others in the UK SME investment market to help provide a solution.

If we fast forward 5-years, BRAN Investments has made a total of 35 unique early-stage equity investments so far.  This has included co-investment with several well-respected early stage and venture capital funders in the UK eco-system.

Who do they invest in? 

Start up companies who have the same values as they do – fairness, honesty, ambition and sheer graft!   Why do they do it?  Because they are dedicated to helping passionate people achieve the same real business success as they have.

Who am I?

My name is Martin Carruthers, and I have been lucky to be a part of that growth and have contributed to additional success having joined BRAN Investments in November 2020.  My role has been to support the existing portfolio of companies and to assist the family in making further investments which help new and promising ventures achieve more.  You will see more on the investment ethos of the Family in the next section.

Through this newsletter you will also learn more about the BRAN Investment portfolio companies who have enjoyed investment opportunities and company growth, plus new sectors of interest for us going forward, some new investment announcements and more about the good people we work with.

Welcome to the world of BRAN Investments!