BRAN Investments is dedicated to helping passionate people achieve real business success. Since the late 2000s, banks have become reluctant lenders, and we’ve heard about numerous great ideas and well-run businesses unable to win the financial backing they need to grow.

We want to change that. We want to give you your chance.

We’re a family of four with 40 years’ experience in business and property: Beena, Ram, Ashish and Nisha Goyal. We’re the people behind a leading care home and property investment group.

Through BRAN Investments, we want to share our own expertise, access to our large network of knowledgeable commercial contacts and offer direct funding and access to capital to help new and promising ventures achieve more.

We balance financial insight and commercial expertise with agile decision-making and strategic thinking. Open communication is everything, and we bring that to all of our investments.

So in the spirit of openness, why not give us your preliminary pitch today?